Shipping costs

Lieferungen innerhalb Deutschlands

If the order value exceeds 120 Euro shipping within germany is for free. For order value below 120€ shipping costs are EUR 8,00 within Germany.

Shipping costs to Austria incl. tax:

01-06 bottles 0,75l 13€
07-12 bottles 0,75l 18€
13-18 bottles 0,75l 24€
19-24 bottles 0,75l 30€
25-30 bottles 0,75l 36€
31-36 bottles 0,75l 42€

Magnums counts like 2 bottles 0,75l.

In case of more bottles than 36 bottles please contact Weinsalon Hamburg.


Shipping to Switzerland without tax until a maximum oder value of 999€. Shipping costs:

01-06 bottles 0,75l 16€
07-12 bottles 0,75l 22€
13-18 bottles 0,75l 30€
19-24 bottles 0,75l 40€
25-30 bottles 0,75l 50€
31-36 bottles 0,75l 55€

Tax, custom and other fees are paid by the recipient. Magnums counts like 2 bottles 0,75l.

Alternative delivery option for Wine lovers who lives near Germany:

You can use an adress in germany for delivery. Please choose this adress as„Delivery adress in the order“. In this case the price includes the tax.

If you can provide an export certificate from the custom office you will get back the tax from Weinsalon Hamburg. On this way you can save shipping costs.


International Shipping within Europe

For the following countries

France, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic shipping costs amount:

01-12 bottles 0,75l 20€
13-24 bottles 0,75l 35€
25-36 bottles 0,75l 50€

Magnums count like two bottles 0,75l.

For more than 36 bottles or delivery to other countries please consult Weinsalon Hamburg for individual calculation.

For Malta, Greece and Cyprus shipping costs amount:

01-6 bottles 0,75l 24€
7-12 bottles 0,75l 35€
13-24 bottles 0,75l 69€

Magnums count like two bottles 0,75l.

For more than 24 bottles please consult Weinsalon Hamburg for individual calculation.

In case of payment from countries out of germany the customer is in charge of all additional payment fees like bank transfer costs, and customs charges.

Bei Zahlungen aus dem Ausland trägt der Käufer alle zusätzlichen Kosten, wie Bankspesen und Überweisungsgebühren.

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