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Wein und Genuss

Wine is lifestyle and the chance to bring people together. He provides atmosphere to enjoy and to feel happy and comfortable with wine, food and company with other gourmets.

Weinsalon is my offer for you to enjoy all about wine.

Kind regards

Private Wine & Dine

Welcome to our wine & dine event at Weinsalon Hamburg

You are a group of six gourmets and your are looking for a special event in private atmosphere? Welcome to our wine & dine evening at Weinsalon Hamburg. An individuell wine and food evening. Corresponding wines will match with an individual styled menu. We have a lot of ideas for you!

We are looking forward to welcome you as our guests!

The gift

A wine event as gift at Weinsalon or in your home

You are looking for a gift for your friends? And it becomes more and more difficult to find the right one.
How it would be with a wine & dine evening with friends and gourmets?
You can book a wine event as single or couple or a group. The evening is always customdesigned to suit your specific requirements.
The event can also been provided at your home. We like to come to you with our wines.

Business & Wine

The Weinsalon for you company event

You are looking for a special event for your company?
Then book a wine event at Weinsalon Hamburg!
Tasting wine together is a great shared experience. Concept and design of the event are customdesigned.
Your customers or employees will remember this event for a long time.

Wine storage, wine cellar keeping

Wine storage

The storage of wine is often a challenge. Capacities for storage are limited and the climate preconditions of humidity and temperature are offen missing. One solution is a wine climate cabinet, but this furniture needs space as well, sometimes he is not matching the style of the equipment and he causes noises and needs electricity.

My offer to you: I store the wines you buy at Weinsalon Hamburg under perfect climate conditions. You benefit from a sharing model with other wine lovers. The rent fee is only for your stored bottles and not for the whole warehouse or storage room. I’m responsable for the administration of stockage so that your wines are save. The wine withdrawal will be arranged with me.

For changes or enhancements of capacities please contact me.

Wine cellar maintenance

If you would like to build up or complete your wine cellar then I can support you with a concept of a balanced wine stock.
I create your wine stock with my experience and your specific requirments with wines to store and to drink now and for various events. Then you have for all ocasions the right wine available. As additional service I show at your wine stockage like a „gardener“ to renew the stockage or complete with new rcommendations.

Treasure hunt

Wine cellar rating, treasure hunt in your cellar

You cannot believe how many prestigious wines hide in old cellars. This treasures want to be recovered. Sometimes the value of a wine is not really known and there are a lot of cases where prestigious wines have been destroyed due to bad storage.
If you think you have found valuable wines and you are not sure please call me. I will rate the wines and can help to sell them.

Private Wine & Dine

Die Weinprobe mit passendem Dinner im privaten Weinsalon

Das Geschenk

Ein Weinabend als Geschenk oder der Weinsalon bei Ihnen zu Hause.

Business & Wine

Der Weinsalon bei Ihrer Firmenfeier oder für Ihre Kundenveranstaltung

Wein Lagerung, Weinkeller Keeping

Lagerung Ihrer WeineAufbau und Pflege Ihres Weinkellers
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